So... you might be asking, what is a Chef·pre·neur ?
We are Chefs and Cooks who are taking a stand for their Personal Freedom by breaking the Chains of a Kitchen Job and building their own Empire!
educate. motivate. inspire.
Are You Ready To Join The Movement, and Put The Culinary Industry Back Into Your Hands?
The Chefpreneur Movement is all about Chefs who have taken a risk to put their future into their own hands. 

Join Chef Andres as he wants to educate, motivate, and inspire Chefs to start their own Personal Chef Business and put the Restaurant and Hotel industry on its back.
Tune in and Join the Movement!
Our Episodes:
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Have you Ever thought about Starting your Own Personal Chef Business Before?
  • You Don't Know Where To Start?
  • You Don't Know If You Have What It Takes?
  • You Don't Know If You Have Enough Experience?
  •  You Don't Know Where To Find Clients?
  •  You Think You Have To Quit Your Day Job?
  •  You Don't Know If Someone Will Actually Hire You?
Trust Me! I was in the Same Place you are in Right Now!

    Hello! My name is Andres Hinojosa and i'm on a mission to HELP Chefs that are burned out from being UNDERPAID and OVERWORKED start their very own Personal Chef Business!

I used to be in the same position as many of you are right now, feeling stuck and frustrated in the industry! I hated the fact that I couldn't do the food I wanted to do, and worrying about food and labor cost, while nobody even appreciating it!

I stepped out on my own just 4 years ago, and made a lot of mistakes through the school of hard knocks! Through trial and error I learned what and what NOT to do! I now have my very own Personal Chef Business that is on track to do $250,000 this year!

JOIN ME in rattling the industry by making as many Chefs as possible into Chef·pre·neurs!
Are you a recent Culinary Grad? Doesn't matter, we can help you start your own business as a Personal Chef. Learn how to find your Passion and tap into your Creativity to build your niche business and attract clients.
You're a seasoned Chef, and you have been grinding on the line long enough. You're not fulfilled, and you want to start something for yourself! Make the jump and become a Chefpreneur! Use your experience and knowledge in the industry to attract clients and be your own Boss!
Get your Copy of the chefpreneur
E-Book for fREE!